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  • Frontier's Conference in Japan

    Held on July 23, 2014, Tokyo
  • During ‎the official visit of President Elbegdorj to Japan
  • A must not miss opportunity!

    For Frontier Market Watchers...

Achievements and key highlights of the event

Invest Mongolia Tokyo took place on 23rd July 2014 at Tokyo Prince Hotel. The conference was seen as an entirely unique event to provide a forum to the government officials, lawmakers, investors and major player in key industries to present their perspective, receive feedback and brainstorm over major developments. Conference theme was design to: 1) highlight investment and business cooperation opportunities between Japan and Mongolia; 2) and prioritize government policy to make investments more lucrative. Key highlights of the events are as following: 

  • Almost 100 people from 80 different companies have participated
  • Key government officials presented policy development and governing laws
  • Government representatives showed commitment to support and follow-up on the meeting

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